Dosing Syringe

Dosing Syringe – Consistency in Medicine Dosing

Imprecise Dosing can be Dangerous

When administering liquid medicines for domestic use, a ratio of 10% to 15% of the dosage is too high or too low. In the event of an underdosage of antibiotics patients may develop resistances, for example; in the event of an overdosage of medication, they might suffer poisoning. That is why exact dosing is extremely important.

RauDose™ - Precise and Safe Dosage of Liquid Drugs

With RauDose RAUMEDIC has developed another product innovation in dosing systems for the oral administration of liquid drugs. This dosing syringe with external dose adjustment ensures better accuracy for the exact dosing of liquid drugs.

Precise operation and easy handling for the user are top priority. This is why the RauDose dosing syringe has a visible, color-coded adjustment mechanism. The medication dosage can be preset precisely with one hand by means of an external fixing bracket and a scale graduation. Gradual adjustments of 0.5 ml trigger off a haptic and acoustic feedback to the user. Thus, the dosing deviation is less than 3%.

Customized adjustments with regards to connectivities, filling capacity and dosage graduation are available, depending on the requirements.