Welcome Day 2017: Raumedic greets new group of trainees

Helmbrechts – Even though the official start of training is still a few weeks away, the medical technology manufacturer Raumedic has just welcomed its trainees and student interns for 2017. Six future career starters visited their new employer in Helmbrechts during Welcome Day on July 7.

Raumedic also invited the trainees’ relatives to the Welcome Day. “We have learned that it is helpful to include close relatives in the process,” Senior HR Manager Walter Reingruber said in explaining the event concept. After all, starting a career is a momentous event in life – not only for young people, but also for the entire family. “The more information we provide in advance about ourselves and our expectations, the more successful the training program will be,” Reingruber said.

The company's trainers provided the young people with an overview of their future vocational programs during the Welcome Day. Future colleagues from past training years introduced themselves and offered some valuable tips. A company tour provided the group with a look behind the scenes at Raumedic AG. During the tour, the group also had an opportunity to view the state-of-the-art clean-room operation from the visitors’ gallery. 

The future employees' initial tension had vanished at the very latest during the closing get-together: “I really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit the company before I start working there. It will definitely make the first day easier”, Nicole Werner said. This fall, 18-year-old Nicole will begin a training program that will qualify her as an industrial management assistant. One year later, she will begin to study business administration during a parallel program at the Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Another trainee has decided to begin a medical-technology educational program with a strong practical focus. Four commercial trainees will enter a program in September at the Helmbrechts-based polymer specialist in which they will become process technicians for plastics and rubber technology.  

Image 1: HR Manager Walter Reingruber (far left) and Jochen Bucher (far right), the Director of Training for Process Technicians in Molded Parts, prepared the Welcome Day for future trainees Niklas Wolf, Bastian Gebelein, Nicole Werner, Christina Reiner, Karl Porst and Tobias Ruppelt (from left).

Image 2: The visitors attentively listen to Walter Reingruber's comments.