Retirement after 25 Years

Helmbrechts A small celebration was held to honor Barbara Schiffner who has retired after 25 years with the company.

Thomas Knechtel, Director of the Assembly/Catheters Business Unit, praised her saying, "she was active at REHAU / RAUMEDIC for over 25 years and she can rightly say that with pride and joy". On behalf of company management, he recognized and thanked her for her service.

Barbara Schiffner joined REHAU AG & CO as a data entry specialist in 1990 and moved to the medical application technology department after a few years. She transferred to Helmsbrechts in 2005 after RAUMEDIC AG was founded in 2004. Here she supported and helped shape the company from the beginning of its independence in the executive office, in the patent administration division, disposition and finally as a team assistant to the Assembly/Catheters Business Unit.

Barbara Schiffner (center) with her partner Helmut Müller, Thomas Knechtel, Director Assembly/Catheters (left) and Christina Hechtfischer, Head of Human Resources (right)