Raumedic trainee speaks at commencement ceremony

Hof/Helmbrechts – After two and a half years, Jan Schmitz has just completed the first stage of his dual training program at Raumedic AG. The commencement ceremony held on April 16 in the Freiheitshalle Hof served as a special occasion for the newly trained industrial management assistant in two ways. First, he received a certificate marking the completion of his cooperative degree. Second, the 22-year-old was asked to speak about his personal impressions of the training program in recognition of his strong performance. 

In his speech, Jan Schmitz stressed the importance of continuously asking questions and described this process as being the only way to learn. HR Director Christina Hechtfischer and trainer Walter Reingruber are certain that the graduate learned a lot during the program. They also expressed their pride in the conscientious, dedicated employee. “The practical and classroom performance by Mr. Schmitz was always excellent. His grades tell the full story,” HR Manager Walter Reingruber said of the 22-year-old’s work. Jan Schmitz entered the business administration program at the Hof University of Applied Sciences in October 2016. He will now turn his attention to completing the academic work he needs to earn a bachelor’s degree. But this has not stopped him from thinking about his post-college life: “I definitely could imagine working in product management at Raumedic.” 

During semester breaks, the native of Münchberg, a town located just south of the company’s headquarters in Helmbrechts in southeastern Germany, works in the Business Unit Systems, where he assumes responsibility for his own projects. In product management, he helps document various trials, checks inventories and monitors order processing.

Jan Schmitz enjoys looking back at the time he spent in the commercial training program and is happy that he had a chance to work at Raumedic: “The company has a good reputation as an employer in the region, offers the cooperative education program that combines academic and practical training and conducts business internationally. These are all reasons why I applied to Raumedic.”

Former trainee Jan Schmitz (middle) was joined by Senior HR Manager Walter Reingruber and Raumedic HR Director Christina Hechtfischer at the commencement ceremony held by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. (Photo credits: Thorsten Ochs)