RAUMEDIC trainee receives the school award of the Bayreuth Vocational Business School

Bayreuth – The recipients of the school and national awards among the 2013/2014 graduates of the Bayreuth Vocational School were honoured in a festive setting.

RAUMEDIC is especially proud of Amelie Ortlauf, who completed her vocational training in European industrial business management with the dream average of 1.0. She received this year's school award for this exceptional achievement.

In recognition, she was presented with a certificate, flowers and a small gift by Walter Nadler, retired Member of the State Parliament, and parent representative Martin Schmidt.

Ms. Ortlauf had the honour of giving the graduation address, during which she gave the students a voice. She compared the development the graduates have experienced in recent years to the football World Cup and emphasised that only with shared training and effective cooperation could the team reach the finals and be successful. In addition, she thanked the teachers, families and training companies for their support during this period.

The successful European industry business management assistant Amelie Ortlauf, together with Walter Reingruber, director of training for RAUMEDIC AG