RAUMEDIC - the passionate employer

Helmsbrechts/Hof – For interesting companies who want to interface with prospective new employees, the career fair at the University of Applied Sciences Hof is one of the most important events in the region. RAUMEDIC attends the university career fair every year without fail. This year, the team consisted of HR staff as well as others from specific departments able to answer the knowledge-thirsty questions of the future graduates. 

"The students want to know what opportunities we offer, if you want to start working for us", explains Christina Hechtfischer, RAUMEDIC's HR director. There are different options open to prospective applicants. You can get to know the medical technology company through a variety of paths: you can work as an intern, a student trainee who has to take final exams or you can work for us directly once you finish your studies. Over the last few years, more than 30 graduates from the University of Applied Sciences Hof have found a secure job at RAUMEDIC. Anyone who is interested can learn everything about finding a position at RAUMEDIC on the careers page of their website:

The RAUMEDIC booth at Hof University was always well-attended