RAUMEDIC at school

Helmbrechts – On July 20, 2015, RAUMEDIC visited grade eight and nine at the Junior High School in Münchberg-Poppenreuth.

In an entertaining lecture RAUMEDIC training manager Walter Reingruber described what young people can expect in the course of their training as a process mechanic in the Ottengrüner Heide. Short videos took the interested audience to the world of the clean room and showed them how the medical-technical company RAUMEDIC is producing products out of plastic. Christian Günther (training supervisor for process mechanics in plastics / rubber) and Sebastian Fürst (apprentice) used models to explain the functioning of an extruder as well as the difference between extrusion and injection molding. Petra Lötsch (HR Assistant) and Sebastian Rott (HR Manager) had to answer many questions. Later on, the pupils were allowed to create their first extrudates using modeling material and a syringe. The highlight was the quiz, where the pupils could win vouchers for local shops.

Finally, everyone received a slice of delicious RAUMEDIC cake.

Sebastian Fürst (process mechanic apprentice for plastic and rubber technology, semi-finished products) explains the functioning of an extruder

Sebastian Rott (HR Manager) and Petra Lötsch (HR Assistant) with the lucky winners of the quiz