Former Raumedic trainees receive graduation certificates

Hof/Helmbrechts – Alessandro Buchta, Nicolas Deseive, Fabian Raithel, Moritz Tietsch and Deana Voit completed their vocational training in July already. However, the former Raumedic trainees still had to wait for their certificates for about three months. They finally received them at the official graduation ceremony organized by the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) at the Freiheitshalle Hof in October.

Thanks to contributions by the music school of the symphony orchestra Hof, the graduation ceremony took place in the usual festive atmosphere. Still, the graduates could relax in view of the highlight of the evening when the certificates were handed over. For, on the one hand, they were accompanied by their instructors, and on the other hand, all ex-trainees already know how things will continue after the training.

Alessandro Buchta and Nicolas Deseive are working as process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology with a focus on semi-finished products in thermoplastic extrusion. Deana Voit, the first female process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology (molded parts) at Raumedic, adjusts highly modern injection molding machines in the company’s clean room production. Fabian Raithel only completed the first stage of his dual training. The newly trained industrial clerk now studies industrial engineering at the Hof University of Applied Sciences. Moritz Tietsch has been trained as an IT specialist for system integration at Raumedic and has been working in the company’s IT department ever since. The 21-year-old received his own certificate a few days later than his fellow colleagues as he had been unable to attend the graduation ceremony.

In his dual function as an HR manager and contact person for the commercial trainees, Walter Reingruber complimented everyone: "It's great to be able to congratulate five young people on the successful completion of their trainings. The determination and good performance of our former trainees make us really proud. We are also proud of the excellent mentoring provided by our instructors. Thank you very much for your commitment every single year!"

From left to right: HR Manager Walter Reingruber, Fabian Raithel, Alessandro Buchta, Deana Voit, Nicolas Deseive, Norbert Worpitz (instructing process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology semi-finished products) and Jochen Bucher (instructing process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology molded parts) spent a pleasant evening at the Freiheitshalle Hof on October 10. Graduate Moritz Tietsch is missing on the photo. [Picture credits: Thorsten Ochs]