Engineering colloquium at Hof University – a student from Braunschweig was awarded the RAUMEDIC prize

HofAs part of the second Engineering Colloquium a prize for the best master thesis in the field of engineering was awarded at Hof University for the first time. The award winner intents to stay on here in our region.

This year’s RAUMEDIC prize was awarded to the master student Christoph Merhold. In his thesis entitled ‘Development of a Reconstitution Device’ he developed the prototype for a new injection system in the field of medical engineering, with the support of his employers. . Prof. Dr. Marek Gorywoda, who had previously supported and encouraged Merhold on his bachelor thesis, provided further confirmation that Merhold fully deserved the €1,000 prize.

Merhold, whose hometown is Braunschweig, made his way to Hof University via the Campus of Excellence as well as an internship at REHAU. His decision in favor of Hof is an excellent example, why people find our region so attractive. “I deliberately decided to attend this university, even though there were study programs available, which are closer to my hometown. Finally, it was the quality of the lectures and everything that the region has to offer that has convinced me.”

The 25-year-old student will stay here in Upper Franconia, since the RAUMEDIC AG has offered him a position as an engineer. Christina Hechtfischer, Head of Human Resources at RAUMEDIC, comments: “I am always very glad, when we are able to attract young people for the region. This shows us that the location is increasingly becoming more interesting.”

The award ceremony was a part of the engineering colloquium at Hof University, which had taken place for the second time. Prof. Dr. Michael Nase, who initiated the event at the university, was more than happy about this year’s participation. For the first time also an international lecturer was present, lecturing on the subjects of electron microscopy and silicone as a material.

“The idea behind the colloquium was to provide students, professors, business experts and citizens with an insight into fascinating topics of engineering”, explains Nase. Plans for the third colloquium are already under way. It is due to take place in March 2016. Another award for the best bachelor thesis will be given then, with support from RAUMEDIC.

The prize winner together with the team of the second engineering colloquium