Anniversary and retirement party for long-time Raumedic employees

Helmbrechts – The evening of December 12 was devoted entirely to long-time employees of Raumedic. During a festive get-together, the medical technology producer based in Helmbrechts honored two employees who were celebrating anniversaries at the company and bid farewell to the three colleagues who are retiring.

Lutz Pippig marked his 40th anniversary at the company. It was a career that began in 1977 when he joined a training program to become a plastics technician. Today, he works as a technical staff member in the operations office at the company’s headquarters. Andrea Kaschel, an employee in the production area of thermoplastic injection molding, can look back on 25 proud years of service at the company. Both employees originally worked at today’s associated company Rehau AG before Raumedic was spun off in 2004.

Just like the two employees marking their anniversaries, two of the company’s new retirees who were honored were part of the transition from Rehau to Raumedic - Josef Reinert headed off into his well-deserved retirement after 20 years of service and Ingeburg Hoffmann after 17 years. Karola Thüroff ended her working life after spending six years at the Helmbrechts company.

In his welcoming remarks, Martin Schenkel, a member of the Raumedic Executive Board, highlighted the accomplishments of each person. Using small anecdotes, he offered some interesting insights into their years of service and thanked each of them for their tireless efforts. In recognition of their service, he presented them with certificates and bouquets before the enjoyable portion of the party began.

Senior HR Manager Walter Reingruber offered the Human Resources department’s thoughts about the group: “Employees who spend so many years at a company are the exception, rather than the rule, today. For this reason, we know that we should respect their long years of service and will be more than pleased if everyone has fond memories of this evening.”

Raumedic honored Andrea Kaschel (25th anniversary), Josef Reinert (retiree), Karola Thüroff (retiree), Lutz Pippig (40th anniversary) and Ingeburg Hoffmann (retiree) for their loyal service to the company (from left).