Andrea Rauner is awarded the Master Prize of the Bavarian Government

Helmbrechts – Andrea Rauner started her apprenticeship as a technical product designer at RAUMEDIC in 2009. After completing her professional training successfully, she gladly accepted the offer of a permanent position in the design department of her apprenticing company.

In February 2014, the 22-year old young woman from Helmbrechts decided to continue her professional education as a “government-certified technician for plastics technology and fiber composite technology” at the technical school in Rehau. In July 2016 she graduated with success. Andrea Rauner was awarded the Master Prize of the Bavarian Government for her exceptional performance during her further education.

Christina Hechtfischer, Head of Human Resources, is proud of the award and glad that she can keep young talented people like Ms. Rauner in the Upper Franconia region. “Ms. Rauner had already been employed at RAUMEDIC while she absolved further professional education, which was supported by RAUMEDIC, and worked in her apprenticing company during vacations. She also completed her project thesis “Development and design of a new tool head for silicone extrusion for the purpose of tubing overmolding” at RAUMEDIC.”

Andrea Rauner together with Christina Hechtfischer, Head of Human Resources (left) and Frank Skaper, Head of Design (right)