And the winner is... Telemetry system of RAUMEDIC wins Medica Excellence Award 2011

RAUMEDIC wins the Medica Excellence Award 2011 in the category "Excellence in Daily Operations" with its telemetry system for ICP measurement.

In the category "Excellence in daily operation", process or product related optimisation ideas were nominated, among others from the field of hospital IT, imaging and diagnostics IT. The prize in this category went to RAUMEDIC in combination with the University Medical Center of the Saarland.
The telemetry system of RAUMEDIC represents a completely new approach to monitoring the intracranial pressure of patients suffering from hydrocephalus syndrome. It is the world-wide first wireless ICP pressure measuring system, with which the intracranial pressure can be measured over a longer period of time retaining the mobility of the patient. Pressure probes so far also involve the risk of an infection. In the telemetry system of RAUMEDIC, the sensor tip fitted with a microchip and encapsulated in ceramics is positioned in the parenchyma of the patient. The plate-shaped ceramic housing which contains the electronics is located above the cranium. The catheter is implanted completely below the scalp which thus continues to act as a natural barrier to infections. Data transmission from the catheter is ensured by means of RFID technology to an especially developed recording and evaluating unit, the MPR 1 DATALOGGER. The MPR 1 DATALOGGER saves the data which can be transferred to a separate PC / laptop computer or to the clinic's data documentation system by means of a USB connection. The intracranial pressure module permits monitoring outside of the intensive care ward under normal stress conditions with the aim of providing the doctor with optimised and direct data.

By means of the data basis, which is generated by "all situations in life", it is possible for the first time to come to a decision for the implantation of a shunt valve based on a solid and near-practical data generation. Up to now, a safe analysis of the intracranial pressure in such cases was possible only by a renewed operation. The ICP values recorded objectively over a longer period of time permit the optimisation of the shunt valve settings within a very short period of time as well.

RAUMEDIC developed the telemetry system in co-operation with highly qualified industrial partners (such as Telid RFID System of MicroSensys Company) and the team of the Neuro-Surgical University Medical Center of Homburg / Saar under the management of Professor Steudel as well as of the Helmholtz Institute for Bio-Medical Engineering at the RWTH University of Aachen under the management of Professor Leonhardt. For the first time, the telemetry system was employed in 2010 at the University Medical Center of Homburg / Saar (Professor Steudel, Professor Kiefer) and at the University Medical Center of Mainz (Professor Wagner, Professor Oertel, Dr Tschan).

This new technology is able to spare the relevant patient group long stays in hospital as well as the additional operations or exposure to radiation.
On account of the mobility of the patient, the treating doctor receives real values on the various stress situations, resulting in an optimised therapy at the same time.