Surface Technology

Low Friction Polymer Surfaces – Functional Surfaces for Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

Researching New and Improved Materials

We are continuously searching for exceptional solutions with improved functional properties.

For the customized development of functional surfaces, RAUMEDIC offers you the following technologies:

  • Atmospheric vapor deposition
  • Chemical vapor deposition in vacuum

By improving the surface properties, we are able to achieve optimizations such as:

  • Extremely smooth, low friction surfaces with a reduced friction coefficient
  • Reduced incrustation or tissue adhesion
  • Improved chemical and mechanical resistance

RAUMEDIC Expertise Improves Surface Properties

We help you select suitable materials tailored to your needs to modify the surfaces according to your specifications.

Depending on the geometry, our procedures are applicable to the exterior and interior surfaces of tubes and molded parts. All modifications fulfill the relevant requirements concerning biocompatibility.

The friction coefficient is used as an indicator to characterize low friction surfaces.

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 8295 we achieve here, depending on the materials used, an optimization of sliding friction of up to 90% in comparison with the uncoated reference object.

Our team will help you develop a customized solution – please contact us.