In-house Compounding

Pure-grade Compounds – A Critical Step on the Path to a Safe PVC Product

PVC Expertise – From the Formulation to the Finished Product, All From One Source

We leave nothing to chance in order to provide you with the best possible and most reliable quality. We conduct all manufacturing processes in a closed material flow with qualified equipment. In this process the preparation and processing take place under conditions that have the lowest possible impact on the materials.

Customized PVC Solutions Through an Accurate Preparation

During in-house compounding, we prepare our raw materials on production systems that have no contact with the environment. Customized in-house compounds are produced in a process that prevents the materials from being damaged. 

  • Preparation using state-of-the-art manufacturing process technology
  • Qualified machines, used exclusively for medical manufacturing
  • Cutting-edge systems technology ensures that materials are not damaged during preparation
  • Quality assurance with validated, fully-automated process control
  • Process data are captured, documented, and monitored
  • Batch-linked quality testing
  • Pure-grade compounds due to a closed material flow 
  • Several preparation lines at two sites ensure reliable delivery adherence to delivery dates and customer-oriented flexibility even at peak capacity