Antimicrobial Materials

Antimicrobial Materials

We Protect Patients' Health with Innovative Materials

Infections resulting from hospital treatment (nosocomial infections) are a major threat to patients. The problem of biofilm formation affects medical devices as well as products that are used in patients’ bodies such as drainage tubes and central venous catheters.

In order to prevent the formation of biofilms, microbes must be prevented from settling on surfaces. An obvious solution is therefore to develop medical devices with antimicrobial properties, either by adding antibiotics to the material or by applying antimicrobial coatings.

Silver Compounds in Medicine

The growing resistance to antibiotics and the increased occurrence of multi-resistant microbes such as MRSA has led to the medical community’s increasing focus on the application of silver compounds.

The antimicrobial effect of silver has been known for many centuries and is characterized by its wide-ranging efficiency. Moreover, silver is effective against a wide number of bacteria and yeast organisms. A formation of resistance has not been observed so far.

Reliable Material Selection, Decades of Experience

We have more than 60 years of experience in formulating and processing polymers for medical products. Owing to our experience, Raumedic is developing application-specific formulations for materials with silver compounds in order to achieve the desired antimicrobial effect. Our team is happy to support you in developing medical products with antimicrobial properties.