Woke Medical and RAUMEDIC take a shared step into the future on the Chinese market

Helmbrechts – Woke Medical and RAUMEDIC signed a partnership and distribution agreement at the end of November this year. It pertains to the exclusive distribution of NEUROVENT neurosurgical catheters in the Peoples Republic of China over the next years.

The Middle Kingdom is one of the strongest growing markets in medical engineering. A significant growth can also be recorded for special products in neurosurgery. Their sales volume has doubled within a few years. Increasing individual traffic and the practice of so-called high-risk sports are, in our modern society, a cause for the increasing number of trauma patients in whom the NEUROVENT catheter is used diagnostically.

“Through the targeted use of RAUMEDIC probes for pressure, temperature and oxygen partial pressure in the brain, severe complications can be averted for the patient. Important functions of the body and sensory performance remain intact”, explains Ingo Bartels, Manager of the Clinics division at RAUMEDIC.

Tiger Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at Woke Medical, and Martin Bayer, Chief Executive Officer at RAUMEDIC AG, met in Helmbrechts in November to sign a long-term contract for a closer collaboration. The name Woke translates to ‘step by step’, according to Tiger Zhang, and this will be brought to life. This marks the beginning of the preparatory work for the approval of RAUMEDIC products in the People’s Republic of China.

“With the concluded contract between Woke Medical and RAUMEDIC, we will participate in one of the fastest growing and largest markets in the world with our NEUROVENT catheters”, says Martin Bayer. “Last spring we opened our new US headquarters in North Carolina, where we realized our concept, ‘local business to local people’. On the basis of this contract, we can now also implement this concept in China.”

Contract signing by Martin Bayer, Chief Executive Officer of RAUMEDIC AG (left) and Tiger Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Woke Medical Co., Ltd. (right)