Welcome Day 2019: Future trainees get to know their training company

Helmbrechts – The trainees already had their training contracts in their hands when they visited Raumedic on July 17 for Welcome Day. On this day, the medical technology manufacturer welcomed the six young people and their relatives, inviting them to visit the company and get to know their training site before the program begins. 

Senior HR Manager Walter Reingruber opened the event and helped calm the nerves of the “new kids in town” with a little entertainment of his own. After a brief round of introductions, his colleague Stefan Knaus-Bierbaum took over and provided the group with a more in-depth look at the company. The HR manager shared a large amount of information with the group, extending from company benefits to the expectations placed on trainees and the schedule for the first training day in September. 

During the subsequent tour through the company headquarters, the future process mechanics for plastic/rubber technology had an opportunity to take a closer look at the company. Questions were answered by Jochen Bucher, Christian Günther, Frank Beyer and Wolfgang Werner. Together with their colleague Norbert Worpitz, they will serve as contact persons for industrial trainees. 

Raumedic initiated the Welcome Day several years ago as a way of providing new trainees with an in-depth introduction to their new training site and an overview of the training program ahead of time. The event to which relatives are also invited is held each July. 

Ready to start the training program for process mechanic for plastic/rubber technology in September: Lukas Kosch, Jonas Ziegler, Ege Özkan, Tamer Cetkin, Yanniz Reichelt and Murat Karatas (front row from left). Three new trainees were unable to attend the Welcome Day: Michel Dominik (mechanotrician), Celine Hermanns (a college student with a strong practical focus) and Kristian Remche (process mechanic for plastic/rubber technology). The group was joined by trainers Jochen Bucher and Christian Günther as well as Walter Reingruber from the HR department (second row from left).

Before touring the administration and production buildings in Helmbrechts, the new trainees received interesting information from Walter Reingruber, plant director Wolfgang Werner and Frank Beyer (back from left).