Update on extension building Terbium

Helmbrechts, Germany – The extension building at the headquarters, a technology center which focuses on precision injection molding and fully automated assembly under clean room conditions, is almost complete.

RAUMEDIC is expanding its own production and development possibilities for medical technology and pharmaceutical plastic products with a new technology center at the headquarters in Helmbrechts, Bavaria. This is where a new 26 million Euro complex is currently taking shape. The facility consists of 7,400 square feet (2,250 square meters) of clean room production, supplemented by laboratories and jobs in research and development, marketing and sales, quality management and regulatory affairs.

In the medium-term, RAUMEDIC is not only creating 190 new jobs; the company is accelerating the expansion of its own possibilities and capacities, so that it can also produce high-quality, sophisticated components and assemblies for medical engineering and pharmacies in the long run.

The new facility is opening up a wide range of opportunities to implement customer-specific demands and requests using precision injection molding and fully automated assembly.

At the same time, the new competence center is creating space in the former clean room production facility for the expansion of extrusion capacities for thermoplastics. This also makes it possible to expand silicone processing in extrusion and injection molding according to plan.

The extension work is almost complete. The offices are occupied. The lab had started its work. The production team has begun moving into the clean rooms. The first systems for the automated manufacture of injection systems by means of overmolding or injection systems for pharmaceutical applications, which have a fully-automated assembly and packaging process and are individually tested, have already gone into operation.

The new facility will be officially opened in October 2015. RAUMEDIC clients in Helmbrechts will then have almost 26,200 ft² (8,000 m²) of clean room space in line with ISO 14644, class 7, to be used for the manufacture of its specific polymer products.

RAUMEDIC is also expanding its international presence. A new production and technology center will also be created in Mills River, in the US state of North Carolina, by the end of 2015.

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The new Terbium building