Strengthening from within: Trainees complete their instruction at Raumedic

Hof/Helmbrechts – Tim Ferlein and Christopher Klein are no longer living the lives of trainees. They officially ended their training program at Raumedic on April 9 at a commencement ceremony in the Freiheitshalle Hof that was organized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Both are now full-time employees at the Helmbrechts-based medical technology company, where they now work in Production Services.

Tim Ferlein completed the program for electronic technicians for operating technology. Trainer Torsten Ronneberger is proud of his former student: “Over the past three and a half years, we got to know and respect Mr. Ferlein as an ambitious and dependable individual. I am really happy that he is remaining at the company.”

Department Head Klaus Tietsch is just as excited about the performance of the former trainee Christopher Klein. “Mr. Klein finished at the top of his class in the industrial mechanic training program. As his trainer, I would like to really congratulate him on this great work. The entire department feels the same way.” The 20-year-old training graduate is now working in Production Services along with his colleague Tim Ferlein. 

“We are really pleased about being able to add internal colleagues to the department,” said HR Manager Walter Reingruber, who oversees the commercial, industrial and technical trainees at the company. “We would also like to thank the instructors and all employees who worked with the trainees, supported them and made an important contribution to the training program in the process.”

From left: Jürgen Küspert (plant director), Torsten Ronneberger (instructor, electronic technicians for operating technology), Christopher Klein, Tim Ferlein, Klaus Tietsch (instructor, industrial mechanics) and Wolfgang Seidel (team leader, metalworking shop) after the ceremony at the Freiheitshalle Hof. (Photo credit: Thorsten Ochs)

HR Manager Walter Reingruber (left) joins the two instructors who present small gifts to Tim Ferlein (middle) and Christopher Klein (second from the right) after they successfully completed their training program.

The ex-trainees join their former "teachers" and new colleagues.