Retirement after 28 Years

Helmbrechts – A farewell ceremony took place in honor of Tanja Hörath, who is retiring early due to health reasons after 28 years with the company. 

Ms Hörath joined the REHAU AG & Co. in 1988 as an extrusion operator. She moved to the RAUMEDIC AG when it was spun off in 2004. She took on the job of a line worker in the injection molding section on the production floor.

Jochen Bucher, head of the injection molding production division, has known Ms Hörath ever since her days at REHAU. “Back then, we only had three workers on one shift, and she was one of them,” he says, recalling their shared time with a smile. Martin Schenkel, Director of Operations and member of the Board of Directors, thanked Ms Hörath for her years of loyal service and wished her all the best for the future.

From left to right: Jochen Bucher, Martin Schenkel, Tanja Hörath, Jutta Schramm, Andrea Kaschel, Jürgen Küspert, Christine Lang, Petra Lötsch and Walter Reingruber

Tanja Hörath with her supervisor Jochen Bucher