Raumedic thanks staff for longtime loyalty to the company

Helmbrechts/Selb – As a way to honor longtime employees, Raumedic hosted a special celebration at the Rosenthal-Casino in Selb at the end of November. 

Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Stefan Seuferling thanked the employees celebrating their anniversaries and those just entering retirement for their loyalty to the medical technology company. In doing so, he looked back on each of their careers. “Nowadays, staying at one and the same company for an incredible 25 years is more the exception than the rule,” said Seuferling, in praising the loyal honorees. 

These employees marked 25 years of employment with the company: 

  • Alexander Fichter, Operator Silicone Processing
  • Michael Frankenberger, Head of Purchasing
  • Yvonne Lorenz-Schill, Plant Worker, Silicone Production
  • Martin Silbermann, Head of Technical Support
  • Thomas Wissmath, Operator, Silicone Extrusion

Frieder Höfer and Frank Lenk have been at Raumedic almost as long, with 21 and 18 years, respectively. The two production employees are now looking forward to their well-earned retirement. Along with the CEO, Board of Directors member Dr. Ulrich Günther, former supervisors and the HR department also offered best wishes for the next chapter in their lives.

Executive Board member Martin Schenkel, CEO Stefan Seuferling, Michael Frankenberger, Alexander Fichter, Frank Lenk, Thomas Wissmath, Martin Silbermann, Frieder Höfer and CFO Daniel Seibert (from left to right) at the anniversary and retirement celebration. Yvonne Lorenz-Schill is not pictured.

Partners of the honorees were also invited to the celebration in appreciation of their support. Dr. Ulrich Günther (rear left), member of the Raumedic Board of Directors, was also part of the celebration.