RAUMEDIC shows heart

HelmbrechtsRAUMEDIC AG and its employees celebrate the opening of a new building and donate funds to a good cause.

"RAUMEDIC shows heart" was the motto at RAUMEDIC on 27 October 2015. The system supplier and development partner for the medical and pharmaceutical industry celebrated the opening of the new plant with a fun photographic activity and in doing so, raised a total of more than 6,000 euros in donations for the Sternstunden benefit campaign.

Employees were invited to photograph themselves with heart-shaped glasses or a felt heart in front of a large photo screen. RAUMEDIC donated a foundation sum of 2,500 euros and the management board added 10 euros out of their own pockets for each smile that was raised. This meant that overall donations amounted to 6,000 euros by the end of the day.

RAUMEDIC had even more to offer on the subject of hearts as part of the day's events. Employees got involved in several cardiovascular-based activities that were organized by the DAK health insurance company as part of a health and fitness day. They checked their heart performance under stress with a cardio-fitness test, controlled their aerobic fitness with a polar fitness test and took a stress-test in order to evaluate their individual stress levels. In the afternoon, qualified sports scientist Katherin Löbl gave a lecture on stress management and how to maintain a healthy heart. The new company doctor, Dr. Frank Pohl, also introduced himself and was offering guests blood-pressure and blood-sugar tests.

"The health of our employees is something very close to our hearts," affirmed head of HR, Christina Hechtfischer. "We provide our employees with a range of different health and fitness activities, and not only today, on the employee day." This includes discounted membership to gyms and support for employees whenever they participate in sporting competitions.

Employees were also given a signposted tour of the new plant and showed where some of their colleagues will now be applying themselves with heart and mind. RAUMEDIC is investing 26 million euros towards the expansion of its headquarters in Helmbrechts. This has created room for a new clean room production (2,250 square meters, ISO 14644, class 7), logistics, laboratories, research and development and administration.

The donations amounted to 6,000 euros by the end of the day.

More and more employees from a wide range of different departments show up throughout the day to pose for photos.

RAUMEDIC shows heart – The management board donates 10 euros for each employee who has their photo taken. 6,000 euros go towards the Sternstunden campaign, where it is used to help children in need.