Raumedic says goodbye to retiring colleagues after 27 years of working together

Zwönitz/Helmbrechts – Karlheinz Göhler and Gerd Kunze, who both worked at the medical technology manufacturer Raumedic in Zwönitz, were given a farewell as they embarked on their well-deserved retirement at a ceremony at the beginning of August. Ingo Bartels, Head of the Clinic division, expressed his thanks to the two colleagues for their contributions to the development of neurosurgical products at the company. 

The close cooperation between the two new pensioners took shape early on: Back in 1991, Karlheinz Göhler, who had completed his engineering studies in the former GDR, and Gerd Kunze, a physicist, both joined a predecessor company of Raumedic AG, which was founded in 2004. Karlheinz Göhler was employed as Senior Application Engineer and Gerd Kunze as Senior Product Manager Application Technology. 

During their time together at the company, the two retirees helped launch many important neurosurgical product developments, for which Ingo Bartels expressed his gratitude at the farewell ceremony: “Many of our patients owe a good part of their quality of life to you. We wish you from the bottom of our heart many healthy and exciting years with your loved ones and your hobbies and hope that you retain a close connection and affection for Raumedic.”

The retirees Gerd Kunze (4th from the left), who was accompanied to the ceremony by his wife, and Karlheinz Göhler (3rd from the right) spent 27 years working together in the field of medical engineering. HR employee Daniela Buze (left), location manager Jens Rausendorf (2nd from the left), their line manager Philipp Wierick (at the rear center), Business Team manager Ingo Bartels (2nd from the right) and Executive Board member Thomas Knechtel (right) attended the farewell ceremony.