RAUMEDIC presents products from extrusion, injection molding and assembly at MEDTEC Europe

Helmbrechts/Stuttgart – The development partner and system supplier for the medical and pharmaceutical industry will present its polymer products and new technologies at the premier trade fair for the European medical device industry.

Multilayer tubing with up to four different materials, microtubing with radiopaque stripes, multi lumen tubing and thin walled tubing with wall thicknesses of a human hair are just examples of products RAUMEDIC can extrude.
The company extrudes thermoplastic polymers as well as silicone and its experienced engineers provide support on the choice of the right material, design and construction for the customer specific applications.
In the field of injection molding RAUMEDIC shows products with tightest tolerances and smallest dimensions. The multi component injection molding technology offers the possibility to combine different polymer materials in one production step for a permanent connection. The insert molding is suitable for combining hard and soft thermoplastics together with a metal insert, e.g. a cannula. With 2 component sandwich molding RAUMEDIC improves the barrier properties of drug containers.
But RAUMEDIC not just provides extruded or moulded products, it also has a wide range of assembly possibilities, e.g. punching, printing, thermoforming, bonding, packaging and microchip technology. Over molding onto tubing and fully automated assembly enable RAUMEDIC to produce innovative customer specific products.
Regarding the plasticiser discussion and the new REACH directive the company has established already years ago alternative materials and
plasticisers that are phthalate-free and low migration.

Since last year RAUMEDIC uses the new raw material PTFE Moldflon™. With ElringKlinger's development of Moldflon™, it has become possible for the first time to process PTFE thermoplastically. Similar to the classic PTFE, Moldflon™ meets all requirements for use in medical instruments and construction components. It features a comprehensive chemical resistance and temperature resistance at high and extremely low temperatures. Moreover, it is non-flammable and possesses excellent gliding behaviour.
RAUMEDIC offers the whole value added chain of a system supplier including all qualification and validation requirements. The basis for this is given with a 5,500 m² clean room production according to ISO 14644 class 7 and a quality management system certified to ISO 13485.