Raumedic is investing in Feuchtwangen

Feuchtwangen – Raumedic still on track for growth

Raumedic AG, a firm within the Rehau Group, continues to boost investments at its Feuchtwangen site. The system provider for the medical and pharmaceutical industry is planning to invest three million euros in plants and machinery by 2016. About 5.5 million euros have already been spent for modernising compound facilities, machine technology and clean room technology over the last few years.

The polymer specialist primarily produces tubing for infusion and dialysis purposes in clean rooms as well as polymer granules for medical engineering applications in their Feuchtwangen plant. The production areas, laboratories and offices are part of the Rehau AG + Co Division from which the firm supplies renowned customers from the medical and pharmaceutical industries the world over. “Additionally, through these investments, we are able to ensure that our customers have a technology platform for the consistent high quality of our products in the future,” says Martin Schenkel, Director of Operations at Raumedic AG. Capacity for clean room production of medical products will thus be boosted by some forty per cent over the coming years. To do so, not only will new plants and machinery be necessary, but also – and above all – new, qualified staff. 

Currently, there are openings for seven new positions in production and quality management in Feuchtwangen. The firm recently announced that it would be expanding its head office in Helmbrechts, Upper Franconia where 26 million euros will be invested in a new building with clean room production facilities, manufacturing facilities, laboratories and office space.

RAUMEDIC plant Feuchtwangen – embedded in plant 2 of REHAU AG + Co.

RAUMEDIC clean room manufacturing. In cleanrooms by ISO 14644, ISO-class 7, tubing for medical devices emerge in Feuchtwangen for the whole world.