RAUMEDIC honors 15 employees for their long standing loyalty to the company

Helmbrechts – 15 RAUMEDIC employees were honored for either 25 or 40 years of service to the company at one of this year’s anniversary celebrations.

The employees from the locations Helmbrechts and Zwönitz and from the sales office in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt/Main received their awards in the Bio-Seehotel in Zeulenroda-Triebes, in the presence of their partners, superiors, the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board, and the HR department.

CEO Martin Bayer briefly summarized the careers of the honorees and, together with HR director Christina Hechtfischer, thanked them for their excellent service and the loyalty they have demonstrated.

Norbert Worpitz (Production Department Head of Thermoplastics Extrusion) was honored for 40 years of company service. In October he had already been honored for his long-standing loyalty towards one company at the Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Integration at the Munich Residenz. The following employees were given awards for 25 years of service: Andreas Dolla (Product Manager Tubing), Karlheinz Göhler (Senior Application Engineer), Uwe Gruber (Technical Expert), Christian Günther (Technical Expert), Thomas Kapke (Sales Manager), Christiane Kluge (Technical Expert), Gerd Kunze (Senior Product Manager), Netzila Matzir (Cleaning Technician), Lutz Neuhaus (Electrician), Bernd Pätzold (Application Engineer Tubing), Heike Richter (Laboratory Technician), and Andrea Sonntag (Logistics Specialist).

In the framework of the celebration, we said goodbye to Anita Gappel, Silicone Operator, who is retiring now. Martin Bayer thanked her for 22 years of service.

Two employees, Klaus Lechler and Ali Edikyakan, both Plant Employees, were honored in Feuchtwangen during the REHAU anniversary celebration at the Bavarian Building Academy. Unfortunately, Mr. Lechler could not attend the event for personal reasons. Both employees joined the REHAU AG & Co. in 1991 as Plant Workers at the Feuchtwangen location and switched to the RAUMEDIC sister company at the spin-off in 2004.

Company anniversary celebration in Zeulenroda (from left to right: Karlheinz Göhler, Martin Bayer, Thomas Kapke, Bernd Pätzold, Lutz Neuhaus, Gerd Kunze, Anita Gappel, Netzila Matzir, Andrea Sonntag, Heike Richter, Norbert Worpitz, Christian Günther, Jürgen Werner, Andreas Dolla, Christina Hechtfischer)

Employee anniversary celebration in Feuchtwangen (from left to right: Walter Reingruber (HR), Martin Schenkel (Operations Director), Ali Edikyakan (honoree), Jürgen Messerer (Production Department Head), Jürgen Christ (Technical Expert), Petra Lötsch (HR))