RAUMEDIC exhibits at MD&M West in Anaheim: Combining the Strength of American and German Engineering

Mills River, NC / Anaheim, CA – As a polymer component system provider for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, RAUMEDIC will be exhibiting at the MDM West show in Anaheim February 2017. The company will be demonstrating its ability to implement customer ideas in products that expertly combine functionality and cost-effectiveness.

This year the themes guiding RAUMEDIC’s presence at MDM West will be smallest tubing as well as micro molding parts, Co-Extrusion and examples of set assemblies.

RAUMEDIC Competencies in Micro Extrusion and Micro Molding

The company is meeting the ongoing trend towards minimally invasive procedures with its ultra-small dimensioned tubing and molded parts, providing impressive functionality in minimal space, all manufactured to the most precise tolerances. It is part of our one overarching goal as a developer and producer of polymer solutions: procedures that are patient-friendly and ensure fast recovery. 

And RAUMEDIC does not limit itself to thermoplastics and silicones. Metal components like ultra-fine wires and electronic components, combined and integrated with high-performance polymers as well, are the key features appearing today in the medical technology solutions of tomorrow. 

RAUMEDIC Co-Extrusion: No Other Topic Has So Many layers

Multilayer tubing offers a modern, effective and practical solution for various medical applications. Such tubing offers a design solution for medical systems that require the use of inert material solutions for drug delivery applications or bondable outer tubing layers.

RAUMEDIC has developed processing capabilities to co-extrude a wide variety of metal wires and glass fibers within the tubing walls. The company can co-extrude and work with copper, stainless steel, Nitinol, platinum alloys, nickel and silver plated wires in combination with a wide variety of polymers, including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, Polyurethane and Silicone, as well as high performance resins (FEP, PEEK, PPSU, PEI and PTFE Moldflon™).

Within the medical device industry, many products need wires, cables and coils to be hand strung though multilumen tubing, which can be very labor intensive. With the RAUMEDIC approach of co-extruding wires within the tubing walls, fabrication costs can be significantly reduced. RAUMEDIC can offer co-extruded tubing where the wires are embedded or loose which can help with regards to kink resistance. A wide variety of wire and polymer combinations depending on the requirement can be adapted to the application requirement.

Set Assemblies – Application Example: Colpotransilluminator with Vacuum Hose

The example of the Colpotransilluminator with a vacuum hose, which is used in a gynecological application, clearly illustrates the various RAUMEDIC processing techniques. The tubing set consists of various components that are produced in multiple production steps.

The first step is the extrusion of the tubing. In a second step tubing is cut-to-length and assembled to various connectors. A 100% bond-strength test is performed to ensure that tubing and connectors are correctly linked together.

All components are produced in-house whereby manual and customized-tool supported processing techniques such as extrusion, molding, cutting and assembly (bonding) come into play.

An easy fit connection of the Colpotransilluminator to the standardized suction port allows for ease of handling and use in the OR. With help of a minimally invasive procedure, the tubing set ensures a hygienic and residue-free suction of the wound secretion that is important for an optimal healing process.

Experts will be on hand to discuss your project and design challenges at Booth #1828

Micro Molding

Coated Micro Cables

Polymer and Wire Co-Extrusion

Vacuum Hose Assembly