Raumedic develops solutions for wound therapy

Helmbrechts – The medical technology manufacturer Raumedic has developed two new wound treatment solutions for Lohmann & Rauscher, a leading provider of medical and hygienic products. The deep drainage solution and the drainage pad are parts of the “Suprasorb CNP P3 Therapy” that supports the healing process of internal and external wounds. The abbreviation CNP stands for “controlled negative pressure” because the system offered by Lohmann & Rauscher is designed for use in negative pressure wound therapy.

Silicone solution for deep drainage

The key part of the deep-drainage set is a quadruple-lumen silicone tube. The large inner lumen transports secretion, or exudate, from wounds within the body. The three small lumens in the tubing wall ensure that aeration can be actively managed during drainage. “This special design is our unique selling proposition,” says Arno Herzele who is responsible for research and development for this therapeutic system at Lohmann & Rauscher. It is hardly surprising that the company has filed a patent application for the solution. 

Axel Wunderlich, the product manager in applications technology at Raumedic, is really pleased that patent protection is being sought for the deep drainage system. For good reason: The extrusion and handling of simple silicone tubes pose a certain challenge as a result of the material being used. “You need lots of experience and technical know-how if the soft tubing wall should also have additional lumen, side drainage openings and X-ray contrast stripes,” the technician says in explaining the production-related challenge.

Kink-resistant drainage pad

Raumedic also manufactures a drainage pad for external wound therapy for Lohmann & Rauscher. In this solution, wound secretion is transported via a port with an integrated aeration ring and a quadruple-lumen PVC tube. “Stability was a really important factor for us here,” Axel Wunderlich says in describing the goal of the work. “To achieve an optimal flow rate, the tube mustn't kink under any circumstances.”  

Connectors for optimal bonding

In addition, Raumedic makes special C and Y connectors to extend the drainage sets and to connect them to the exudate bag. The connectors are equipped with a user-friendly locking function, Wunderlich says. “They are made of hard and soft components and are very complex,” he explains. “But they have several more important features: They facilitate a fast and simple connection, dependably seal the system and prevent wound secretion from flowing back into the body.” 

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Raumedic has extruded an X-ray control stripe into the implantable silicone tube as a way of localizing deep drainage in the body. The attached C connector creates the link to the exudate bag.

The drainage pad is attached to the patient’s body with adhesive tape.