RAUMEDIC congratulates Julian Krippendorf on successfully completing his apprenticeship as a Mechatronics Engineer

Helmbrechts – Having passed the final exam and received an overall grade of 1.3 (95 points – "very good"), Julian Krippendorf completes his three and a half year apprenticeship with great success.

The 24-year-old will now remain at the company as a permanent employee. RAUMEDIC is proud of Mr. Krippendorf's very good final grades and wishes him great success and all the best in his new job as an electrician in the Production Services department. Special thanks also to his training supervisor Mr. Ronneberger for his dedication to the dual system of vocational training.

Julian Krippendorf, mechatronics trainee (middle) with an award from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for a trainee with top marks, Walter Reingruber, HR training director (left) and Torsten Ronneberger, training supervisor (right)