RAUMEDIC AG celebrates grand opening of new plant in Germany

Helmbrechts, Germany – It has been more than ten years since RAUMEDIC AG, the development partner and system supplier for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, moved into the plant in Helmbrechts. The plastics specialist now has every reason to celebrate. Yesterday, at its headquarters, the company inaugurated a new building with numerous guests.

The expansion of the plant became necessary to make room for research and development, quality management, laboratory, production and logistics. 2,250 square meters of clean room space, certified according to ISO 14644 class 7, provide the polymer specialist with the space necessary to continue to grow with its customers. RAUMEDIC can implement new customized projects at the technology center with a focus on precision injection molding and fully automated assembly. High-tech system parts are manufactured using highly automated and hence economical processes, which form the basis for a long-term oriented development and production center for RAUMEDIC in Germany.

The company invested EUR 26 million in this. "An investment in the future," says Martin Bayer, Chief Executive Officer. The investment is a commitment to the location in Upper Franconia. "This is only possible thanks to our skilled and loyal employees, who are the heart of RAUMEDIC." With the new building, RAUMEDIC will create another 190 jobs in the coming years.

Jobst Wagner, President of the REHAU Group, is also pleased with the positive development at RAUMEDIC. "The company's tremendous customer orientation is the basis for this success story."

Good wishes were also conveyed by the District President of Upper Franconia Wilhelm Wenning representing the Bavarian government, the District Administrator of the district of Hof Dr. Oliver Bär, the Mayor of Helmbrechts Stefan Pöhlmann as Chairman of the Association Industrial Zone A9 and the President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Bayreuth Heribert Trunk.

RAUMEDIC was spun off from REHAU AG + Co. in 2004. At that time, the company had around 200 employees. Now, the polymer specialist employs 630 employees worldwide, exclusively in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. 470 people alone work at its headquarters in Upper Franconia, Helmbrechts.

At the same time, RAUMEDIC AG expands its international presence. A new production and technology center will be created in Mills River, in the US state of North Carolina, by the end of 2015.

RAUMEDIC – new building named Terbium in Helmbrechts

Jobst Wagner – President of the REHAU Group, Martin Schenkel – Director Operations and Martin Bayer – CEO cut a RAUMEDIC tubing instead of a ribbon, as a symbolic opening act.