New Raumedic leadership duo to intensify market focus

Helmbrechts/Mills River – The medical technology manufacturer Raumedic has re-assigned responsibilities among its top management team. Executive Board member Stefan Seuferling has been named Chairman of the Executive Board of Raumedic AG by the company’s Board of Directors in a decision that took effect March 15. Martin Bayer, the former Chairman of the Executive Board of the Raumedic Group, will focus on his function as CEO and President of the U.S. associated company Raumedic Inc. in order to develop business in North America, the world’s largest medical technology market. 

Think globally, act locally

Jürgen Werner, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, said the decision was designed to improve the position of the company in the respective markets. “Medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry face different requirements in each economic region,” Werner said. “In addition, customers are approaching Raumedic with highly individual product requests. With the new management structure, we want to enable both companies to retain their flexibility and to be highly responsive to their respective markets.” 

As the highest oversight authority for both companies, the Board of Directors works closely with the management team to ensure that the principle of “One Raumedic” is systematically applied, Werner said in describing the new structure. 

Executive Board under new leadership

Stefan Seuferling joined Raumedic AG in September 2018 as the Executive Board member responsible for strategy, from which position he leads sales activities in Europe and Asia. He also oversees the departments of Marketing Communication, Quality Management, Regulatory Affairs, as well as Projects & Services. Together with his Executive Board colleagues, Seuferling will lead the business activities of Raumedic AG as Chairman of the Executive Board.

Closer to the world’s largest medical technology market

As part of the efforts of Raumedic to enter the world’s largest medical technology and pharmaceutical market, Martin Bayer moved his office to Mills River, North Carolina, in spring of 2018. Bayer, who has extensive experience in the medical technology market, intends to generate the same success in the USA that he produced for the global organization: Under his leadership, both sales and staffing nearly doubled from 2008 to 2018.

“The new leadership team is the next logical step in our efforts to make Raumedic increasingly agile and market-centric,” Chairman of the Board of Directors Jürgen Werner said. “We have the utmost confidence in Stefan Seuferling and Martin Bayer. We are certain that they can help the entire company continue generating sustainable and profitable growth. With this goal in mind, they will remain in close dialogue in the future.”

About Raumedic

Human health is at the core of Raumedic Group's business. The company specializes in processing medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones at five production sites in Germany and the United States.

As a partner of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, the polymer specialist develops and produces customized components for customers, including tubing, catheters and molded parts as well as complex groups of components and systems for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. For the clinical areas of neuro-monitoring and traumatology, Raumedic produces high-precision pressure-measuring systems with microchip technology. In doing so, it plays a key role in safe patient care around the world.

With 70 years of experience in the areas of extrusion, injection molding and assembly, the company with a global workforce of 800 people turns customer ideas into mature products. The foundation of this work is formed by a quality management system based on ISO 13485 and clean room manufacturing on an area of 107,000 square feet (10,000 square meters) based on ISO 14644 (class 7).

The company's global sales network and its own distribution companies in core markets ensure that medical and pharmaceutical customers as well as end users in hospitals and doctors’ offices have a high level of product availability at all times. 

Stefan Seuferling (left), the new Chairman of the Executive Board of Raumedic AG, and Martin Bayer, CEO and President of the U.S. business operation, plan to focus more closely on the needs of their target markets.