MD&M Minneapolis – RAUMEDIC showcases the Extrusion Process Technology Capabilities for thermoplastic PTFE Moldflon™

Minneapolis – RAUMEDIC will be presenting the latest developments in extrusion, molding and assembly at the Minnesotea Medtech Week, the MD&M Minneapolis, the healthcare industry event of the fall.

RAUMEDIC, which is building a new development and production center in Mills River, NC, has taken steps to further leverage their agreement with ElringKlinger whereby RAUMEDIC has clean room extrusion rights to process PTFE Moldflon™. Unlike traditional PTFE that is processed from a batch ram extrusion process, PTFE Moldflon™ is processed continuously on a single screw melt extruder. This is highly advantageous for long continuous tubing production runs and for PTFE with co-extruded radiopaque stripes.

PTFE Moldflon™ is a biocompatible thermoplastic with very similar physical properties to traditional PTFE such as continuous service temperature, coefficient of friction, tensile strength and dielectric constant. In addition, further testing has also been performed to realize the benefits of PTFE Moldflon™ for secondary thermo forming operations such as tipping and flaring.

RAUMEDIC has further developed their extrusion processing capabilities related to PTFE Moldflon™ for a wide variety of medical device applications. Perhaps the biggest development is the extrusion of PTFE for lubricous inner catheter liners and for insulating fine wires for electrical stimulation applications. PTFE Moldflon™ can be extruded at extremely low volumes on a micro extruder over a silver plated copper or stainless steel mandrel for catheter liners with wall thickness down to 0.0008” (0.02mm). Furthermore PTFE Moldflon™ liners can be etched on the outside to prepare them for further production steps.

What is more, the precision injection molding capabilities of RAUMEDIC will play an important role at MD&M Minneapolis. Customized micro molded parts are in the focus of attention. RAUMEDIC processes also high temperature materials such as PEEK, PSU and PPSU in clean room conditions, for many medical technology and pharmaceutical application. This is highly advantageous, as the company is also well known for its expertise in micro extrusion, and the micro molding technology just completes the portfolio of the single source supplier. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to drop by the thermoplastic and silicone processor and form their own opinion on how these two materials are processed as part of a unique injection molding process. This multifunctional one-shot technology provides the system components for catheter sets in one single working step.

For more information please visit RAUMEDIC at MD&M Minneapolis at booth 911.

An unbeatable combination of silicone and thermoplastic

RAUMEDIC Micro Molding samples

Tubing from PTFE MoldflonTM