Gifts for Münchberg children’s home

Münchberg/Helmbrechts – Advent season donations. With a donation of €2,500 and a chocolaty surprise, Raumedic AG has once again brought pre-Christmas joy to the Münchberg Evangelical Child and Youth Welfare Service.

Director Friedemann Hopp, who has managed the children’s home since 2018 with the support of his deputy, Peter Hahn, was delighted to receive the donation. What the money will be used for has also already been decided: “Next year, we are determined to invest in our outdoor area with playground and terrace. Above all, we need to upgrade the playground surface, which requires special gravel, and we plan to have some new seating for the children,” said Hopp. The facility currently accommodates 35 children and teenagers who are either housed in the children’s home or live in external residential groups.


The home regularly supports children and young people in their creative and artistic development with a wide range of services. Equipment is always needed, even for managing in-house events. Especially in the current situation, the home finds it difficult to organize joint activities for its young residents. “It will be all the more satisfying to offer them something exciting next year,” Friedemann Hopp explained, adding: “We are therefore incredibly grateful for Raumedic’s annual contribution and are very pleased that we will be able to advance our many projects.”

Children’s home director Friedemann Hopp accepts advent calendars for the children and a donation check for €2,500 from Raumedic employee Kristina Ott.