“Follow our heart.” At COMPAMED 2013, RAUMEDIC will direct you on the way from your idea to the polymer product that can benefit patients and restore their health

Helmbrechts/Düsseldorf – As a system provider of polymer components for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, RAUMEDIC will exhibit at the world’s foremost medical supply industry trade fair. The company is presenting its expertise in the transformation of customer ideas into products that combine functionality and cost-effectiveness.

With a completely updated stand, located as always in Hall 8a, Booth F28, RAUMEDIC will exhibit its portfolio of extrusion, injection molding, and manufacturing products. RAUMEDIC offers its customers comprehensive polymer know-how as well as one-stop development and production.

RAUMEDIC is looking forward to meeting you at COMPAMED, where the company would like to show you a variety of ways in which your ideas could come to life: From the multilayer tubing, micro-tubing with x-ray contrast stripes, multi-lumen or thin walled tubing to injection molding components made from hard and soft polymers, overmolding of tubing and metal cannulas as well as system components and catheter products, individually packaged and sterilized.


Customised development and production

RAUMEDIC, a REHAU Group company, is set up in such a way that it can meet all the requirements of the medical technology and pharmaceutical market. This is evidenced by its exclusive production under clean room conditions according to ISO 14644, Class 7, and its quality management according to ISO 13485 and 9001.

The company’s main focus is customer-specific product development. 95 % of all products belong in this category. One of RAUMEDIC’s particular strengths is the know-how of its application and process engineers. More than 80 of the company’s approximately 530 employees work in Research & Development. These specialists accompany each product from the first idea to the design and realization of the product and production concept while providing continuous improvement and consulting services for their customers. 

This procedure often starts with the selection of the material. RAUMEDIC processes all common materials from standard plastics, technical and high-performance plastics, and silicone. The technicians and engineers are able to select the material that is best suited for the respective application and, if necessary, develop a new material.


PTFE that can be processed from the melt

Last year, their material range expanded to include a new PTFE material. Thanks to the ElringKlinger development Moldflon™, for the first time it is possible to process PTFE in a thermoplastic way. It retains all traditional PTFE attributes and is therefore perfectly suited for medical instruments and components. Some of its attributes include comprehensive chemical and thermal resistance, at both high and extremely low temperatures. Additionally, it is non-flammable and has very good sliding properties. ElringKlinger provides this innovative material to RAUMEDIC exclusively for specific medical applications.


In-house Compounding

Another positive feature is the independent compounding of certain formulas. This is a significant advantage when it comes to catheter materials such as PUR or PA. Here, RAUMEDIC can also draw on the know-how of its sister company REHAU AG + Co. The PVC compounding, however, is only done by RAUMEDIC.


One-stop supplier for Extrusion, Molding and Assembly

RAUMEDIC has at its disposal a broad processing technology portfolio. The company unites the extrusion of tubing and lay flat tubing, single- and multi-component injection molding, as well as their assembly to semi-finished and finished products. Often, this is done in a fully automated manner with the use of a 100 % in-process control. With regard to certain complete catheter products, which are sterilized and sealed in sterile packaging at a later stage, the assembly can also take place in a manual or semi-automated manner in the form of punching, printing, thermoforming, assembly and packaging. Even electronic components find their way here into the final product.


RAUMEDIC – Made in Germany

RAUMEDIC has chosen Germany as its base and has three production locations there. The company is currently expanding the clean room production capabilities at its headquarters in Helmbrechts, Bavaria, including laboratory and offices in the amount of EUR 26 million. This will create room for another 190 employees, of which 30 are already pending.

The products are then sold through a global sales network.

The heart is a key element of the completely updated RAUMEDIC booth concept, which will be presented at Compamed