First RAUMEDIC award presented

Hof – The first RAUMEDIC award was presented on 3/25/2015 at Hof University as part of an engineering colloquium. Christopher Schraml was honored for the best bachelor's thesis of the Faculty of Engineering.

While at the KSB company in Pegnitz, the mechanical engineering student developed molded parts to solve problems in the manufacture of pumps as part of his bachelor's thesis. His advisor, Prof. Herbert Reichel, was excited about Schraml's work. The parts developed in the thesis will now also go into production. The award was a great honor for Schraml. The RAUMEDIC award, which includes a reward of 500 euros, was presented by Christina Hechtfischer, RAUMEDIC personnel manager. "Supporting the regional university and committed students is very important to RAUMEDIC. We are always looking for clever employees with innovative ideas." Many graduates of Hof University already work at the medical technology company in a great variety of departments.

Besides the award ceremony, a highlight of the first engineering colloquium, launched by Prof. Michael Nase, was a presentation by Mirko Rennert, R&D director of Poli-Film Extrusion GmbH. The industrial engineering graduate discussed the outlook of the plastics industry on the topic "A film for any eventuality". Dr. Thomas Ruhland, whose responsibilities at RAUMEDIC include trend scouting, gave a presentation on plastics in medical technology and introduced the sponsor, RAUMEDIC.

The colloquium is meant to become a recurring event at the university. One expert from the industry will talk about a popular science topic at each awards ceremony. Students, representatives of the business community and academics should have the opportunity to talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere. The students who attended also took advantage of this offer and learned about the diverse job opportunities, including international ones, at RAUMEDIC over a snack afterwards.

Award winner Christopher Schraml with Dr. Thomas Ruhland, Prof. Herbert Reichel, Prof. Michael Nase, Mirko Rennert and Christina Hechtfischer