Complex tubing set aids liver transplants

Helmbrechts – Raumedic produces a complex tubing set that simulates vital bodily functions for Metra, a new device for liver transplants from the British firm OrganOx. Within the overall system, the disposable set helps to keep donor livers perfused outside of the body for up to 24 hours. 

Shortly after the liver is connected to the transplant device, very quickly, the Raumedic tubing set is filled with the packed red blood cells. The pump head works like an artificial heart to circulate the blood through the tubing from the filter bag to the oxygenator. The latter functions as the lung would to enrich to blood with oxygen and maintain body temperature. Syringes supply the donor organ with the necessary nutrient solutions. 

More than 200 components are produced and assembled for the tubing set. Various silicone and PVC tubes, ECC connectors and product-specific molded parts are used. All of the individual parts are manually assembled in the clean room of the Raumedic headquarters in Helmbrechts. Then the tubing sets are packaged, EtO sterilized and shipped to the customer. 

For additional information on this topic, see the article in the Raumedic Medical Technology Spotlight.

As the largest product at Raumedic, the tubing set helps to preserve the function of the donor organ as part of the overall system.

Silicone tubing attaches the oxygenator to other system components.

With the help of the cannula set, the donor liver is connected to the entire system.