Christmas comes early: Children receive Xmas gifts from Raumedic

Münchberg/Helmbrechts – The medical technology company Raumedic from Helmbrechts had a pre-Christmas surprise in store for the Evangelical Child and Youth Welfare Service in neighboring Münchberg on November 27. Renate Müller, who has been director of the children’s home since 1991, and her deputy Peter Hahn were presented, among other things, with a donation check for €2,000. 

The home’s director stated that the donation would be used to fund individual development measures for specific children, including equine-assisted and gestalt therapies. “Our children’s circus could also use a small financial injection,” adds Peter Hahn, who is additionally in charge of the remedial education service. “The circus group helps the children develop their individual skills, as well as being lots of fun. They can then demonstrate their talents in juggling or acrobatics in public performances, which strengthens their confidence.”

The remedial education institution, which has a long tradition and was opened back in 1885 as an orphanage in Münchberg’s Martin-Luther-Straße, has been supported by Raumedic for around ten years. Children and youngsters aged 2 to 18 are given positive possibilities to develop that are often not open to them in their own family. “Christmas is traditionally the time when we reflect on the things that matter,” says Marketing Manageress Tina Lück about the company’s engagement. “Helping young people have the chance of a better future is one of those things.”

Apart from the donation check, Raumedic employee Tina Lück (left) also took along advent calendars for the 35 children and youngsters currently living at the home. Peter Hahn (center) and director Renate Müller (right) were delighted at the gifts.