Award for the best bachelor thesis in engineering

Hof/Helmbrechts – The evening of April 3 at the Hof University of Applied Sciences was devoted to technical and digital innovations. During the Engineering Colloquium, the Raumedic Prize was presented to the best bachelor theses at the university’s Department of Engineering for the ninth time. 

Prize money for the bachelor’s degree candidates

The glass trophy and the prize money of €1,000 went to Pascal Förner of Wallenfels, Germany, who beat out 16 other candidates for the award. In his bachelor thesis, the graduate in mechanical engineering characterized the adhesive bond of a piezoelectric membrane converter and won first place with the results of his work. The award took the 22-year-old completely by surprise. Förner also said he had no idea how he would use the money. One thing is certain, though: He plans to work on a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Hof University of Applied Sciences.   

Patrick Schicker and Fabian Dötsch finished second and third. Each received a check of €100 from Raumedic to recognize their excellent theses. 

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground

During his talk titled “Thinking Outside the Box − Reevaluating Medical Technology,” speaker Nico Landwehr brought the digital world of today and tomorrow into the lecture hall of the Institute for Information Systems (iisys). The innovation manager at a major international company involved in medical and safety technology focused on the growing importance of data in our connected world. He noted that artificial intelligence is already being used today to improve the detection of skin cancer and depression with the help of sensors.  

Landwehr concluded his talk by encouraging students to remain curious and open to new things. He also had a message for the business community: Traditional, hierarchical companies have to rethink themselves and recognize new digital potential at an early stage. 

The modern work world at Raumedic

Raumedic, the event’s sponsor, also shared some insights into its own business operations during the Engineering Colloquium. Dominik Bauer, the Head of Marketing Communication who is also a graduate of the university, discussed the state-of-the-art working conditions used by the plastics-processing medical technology company. As part of this effort, Raumedic recently set up a large creative space for employees. The room filled with pallet furniture and beanbags is a place where employees can go to work with agile methods, Bauer explained. 

Afterward, HR manager Stefan Knaus-Bierbaum talked about the entry-level opportunities and employee benefits provided by Raumedic: “We offer many things, extending from flexible work schedules, international assignments and a broad range of training opportunities to mobile work that can be done anywhere.”

A look at the 10th Engineering Colloquium

Stefan Knaus-Bierbaum said the organizer was planning something special for the 10th Engineering Colloquium: “When we honor the best master’s thesis in the fall, we plan to present the award in a dignified setting.” People interested in the event will learn the details on October 23. This is when the 10th Engineering Colloquium is expected to be held.

About the Raumedic Prize

Since March 2015, the Hof University of Applied Sciences in conjunction with sponsor Raumedic has recognized the best bachelor and master theses from the engineering department, once a year for each degree. The first place winner receives a trophy and €1,000, and the second and third place winners each receive €100. 

Several factors are used to evaluate the papers: The evaluation of the professor who oversaw the work, the relevance of the work to science and industrial use and – to a limited degree – the grade for the entire work. 

The idea for the Engineering Colloquium was suggested by Professor Dr. Michael Nase, the chair for plastics technology. He wants to use the event as a forum where students, members of the business community and members of the university can regularly meet with one another. In this context, Raumedic presents itself as a potential employer who can offer prospective academics diverse employment opportunities in Germany and abroad. More than 50 graduates of the Hof University of Applied Sciences already work at the medical device and pharmaceutical industry partner in a wide range of fields.

From left: Bachelor’s degree holder Fabian Dötsch (third place), speaker Nico Landwehr, competition winner Pascal Förner, event initiator Professor Dr. Michael Nase, second-place finisher Patrick Schicker and Raumedic HR manager Stefan Knaus-Bierbaum

In the nearly filled lecture hall, guests enjoyed the entertaining talk given by innovation manager Nico Landwehr

Just like each year, culinary treats were part of the program of the ninth Engineering Colloquium as well.