Advanced training pays off: From assistant to product manager

Helmbrechts – Raumedic employee Lena Thüroff knows just what it feels like to complete a college degree while holding down a full-time job. She attended evening courses at the Hof University of Applied Sciences up to four times a week. Her life also consisted occasionally of weekend seminars and block instruction during her vacations. As one of just 13 graduates, the former team assistant earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at the end of 2017 following approximately five years of study. 

The new employment contract that Head of HR Christina Hechtfischer handed her on January 18 shows that advanced training does indeed pay off. Lena Thüroff will now work as a junior product manager in the Business Team Clinic. The department develops measuring catheters for neurosurgery. Specialty retailers sell these medical devices to hospitals around the world. The 26-year-old has been performing office work in this department since completing her commercial training program at the Helmbrechts company. 

Lena Thüroff’s team will remain the same, but her responsibilities won’t. The native of Schwarzenbach had one main reason for becoming a part-time college student: “I wanted to focus more closely on marketing and take on responsibility for my own new projects in product development and market introduction.” But that was not the only reason. “I also like to travel a lot,” she said. “I can combine it all in my new position.” In the future, Lena Thüroff will support Raumedic retailers in a wide range of countries, including France, the Benelux and Taiwan. This will require her to use her foreign language skills, something that the trained European industrial management assistant and new college graduate will put to the test more frequently now.

Her supervisor is proud of his dedicated employee: “We knew that Ms. Thüroff had potential,” Ingo Bartels said. She has now proven just what sort of staying power she has and has also turned in an exceptionally good senior thesis, Bartels noted. “Her thesis will actually serve as the basis of the launch of a new product later this year,” he said. Because his department is scheduled to expand, a new assistant is being recruited to replace Lena Thüroff. 

The head of HR, Christina Hechtfischer, added: “We are always looking for new employees who want to grow with our company and at our company. Right now, we have more than 40 vacancies.” As a rule, Raumedic is interested in establishing long-term relationships with employees, she said. For this reason, the company encourages its employees to grow, the head of HR added. “As Ms. Thüroff shows, we like to invest in the advanced training of our workforce.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree in a part-time college program, Lena Thüroff (middle) received a new employment contract at Raumedic on January 18. Her supervisor, Ingo Bartels, and Head of HR Christina Hechtfischer congratulate the college graduate.