High Pressure Coextrusion Tubing

High Pressure Coextrusion Tubing

High Pressure Tubing with Transparency? YES, RAUMEDIC has it. With a Proprietary Method, RAUMEDIC has Produced such Tubing for Many Years.

Raumedic manufactures braided reinforced tubing for high pressure applications, but also coextruded multi-layer tubing with higher clarity and transparency for applications where the semi-opaque nature of a braided tube may not be favorable.
This high clarity coextrusion will withstand pressures to 1200 psi.(83 bar) and may be the right choice in applications where tubing will be bonded to another component.


As an alternative to braided tubing, RAUMEDIC has developed a tubing variant that is produced in a co-extrusion process.

  • Burst pressure: up to 1,200 psi (83 bar)
  • Material basis is a polyurethane multilayer composite
  • Perfect compromise between pressure resistance and flexibility
  • Braid free tubing ensures relatively high transparency
  • Can be reliably bonded to other materials

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