Silicone Injection Moulding – Processing of Synthetic Polymers

U-Konnektoren und Überleitsystem
U connectors and feed systems produced using silicone injection moulding

RAUMEDIC Production Range in the Field of Silicone Injection Moulding

Our silicone specialists develop customised product solutions – from the initial idea to series production. Production is carried out under clean room conditions using modern injection moulding machines. All production processes are validated and secured by statistical methods.

Silicone Injection Moulding Processing Range – Individually Tailored to the Medical Device

We process silicone with moulded part weights ranging from 0.03g to 100g. Thin-walled designs down to 0.2mm can be manufactured. The vertical range of manufacture and scope of production depends on customer requirements. Anti-friction properties and barrier functions can be improved through surface modification.