Safe Drug Delivery – The Highlight for Your Medicinal Product

Is Your System Safe Enough for Your Patients?

Drugs can only develop full efficacy if they are correctly dosed. However, experience reveals that many patients use their drugs incorrectly. Therefore the market is increasingly demanding precise and user-friendly dosing aids.

Safe and Precise Dosing

We will support you in the development of innovative solutions to ensure both flexible and precise drug delivery. And all of this is customised to your requirements!

We will never ignore appropriate quality management and compliance with all regulatory requirements during the development of your drug delivery system.

RAUMEDIC will develop your drug delivery systems for simple dosing of your dry powder, granulated or liquid drug.

Examples for Drug Delivery

Example of a liquid drug delivery system

Dose Sipping Syringe – System assembled from injection moulded parts adapted to each other, incl. printing on the system

Example of a granulated drug delivery system

DST technology – A combination of extruded straws and injection moulded components with very tight tolerances

Example of a dry powder drug delivery system

Thermoformed dosing tube for inhaler